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Fixing reagent

Product Number:XW-RS

Product NameFixing reagent

Product Number:XW-RS

Added time:2018-07-20


Color: Colorless and transparent


Vermin tasteless 10 % neutral buffered formalin solution
( odorless neutral formalin )
1. it is suitable for human and animal tissue fixation, he staining, immunohistochemistry and molecular pathological monitoring
2. fix any protein to prevent autolysis of tissues and cells
3. compared with common fixative solution, DNA morphology is better preserved and fragments are more complete
4. patented formula to greatly reduce the irritant smell of formaldehyde volatilization
5. reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in the air and reduce the removal of medical personnel and carcinogens

8 ml / 15 ml / 20 ml / 40 ml / 60 ml / 100 ml / 120 ml bottles are ready for use
5l / 20l barrel large capacity