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Frozen section rapid dyer

Product Number:XW-RSJ-18

Product NameFrozen section rapid dyer

Product Number:XW-RSJ-18

Added time:2016-06-01


Color: white


Product name: frozen section quick dyeing machine
Product description: this product is suitable for quick staining of frozen sections. Sperm morphology staining; Staining of liquid-based cell specimens
Product details:
The product is suitable for fast dyeing frozen slices. Sperm morphology staining; Staining of liquid-based cell specimens
Technical parameters:
1. number of tanks: 18:
A, the first cylinder is the start storage cylinder
B number of cleaning cylinders: 5
C number of hematoxylin cylinders: 1
D number of differentiation cylinders: 1
E, number of Iraqi red cylinders: 1
F number of anti-blue cylinders: 1
G number of gradient alcohol cylinders: 5
H number of end cylinders: 3
2. single cylinder treatment time: it can be arbitrarily set within 1 second to 59 minutes
3. temperature setting range of hematoxylin cylinder and warm water return blue cylinder: 0 ~ 99 degrees can be adjusted respectively
4. dyeing step: 15 steps
5. boom cylinder change time: 3 - 10 seconds
6. number of single dyeing pieces in dyeing rack: 10 slides
7, three dyeing frame infinite cycle working mode
8. single dyeing time: 3 - 10 minutes adjustable
9. the computer program-controlled clean water intake and drainage system ensures clean water quality and water saving efficiency when cleaning slides in each working procedure.
Technical characteristics:
1. high performance stepper motor, linear guide rail drive, stable operation and low noise
2. liquid crystal touch screen control, convenient operation, intuitive interface and stable operation
3. the photoelectric switch is used for positioning, which has the function of automatic positioning.
4.4 cleaning cylinders to control water pressure and supply water as needed
5. menu control, fewer indication times and convenient operation
6. it is equipped with air internal circulation filtering device to reduce air pollution
7. linear dyeing step: running straight from cylinder 1 to cylinder 18, stable transmission
8. multi-cylinder watering and flushing: multi-cylinder partition flushing can relieve flushing time and improve working efficiency
9. quick coloring characteristics: the use of unique temperature control methods and zone dyeing enables the organization to color quickly, which is shorter than manual dyeing and coloring time and improves work efficiency.
10. increasing work by endless circulation: solving the problem of uninterrupted inspection of frozen quick slices without waiting for personnel