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Product Number:CutMate

Product NameCutMate

Product Number:CutMate

Added time:2015-12-25


Color: white




Milestone ProCUT and CutMATE Grossing Devices

An innovative line of grossing devices.

  • Simplify and standardize grossing procedures
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Improve diagnostic quality


ProCUT: Precise slicing of whole prostate, breast and other large specimens. Eliminate the need for gross hardening, overnight pre-fixation, and cooling/freezing of specimens prior to sampling: easily dissect fresh tissues.


  • Eliminate guesswork and consistently slice large fresh and fixed tissues
  • Standardize grossing procedure independent of operator
  • Accelerate fixation procedures by having standard tissue thicknesses
  • Reduce total turnaround time of biospecimens


CutMATE: The innovative forceps for grossing at 2, 3, 4 mm thickness.


  • Eliminate the guesswork in cutting specific block thicknesses
  • Standardize block taking
  • Take serial tissue blocks in one simple step (e.g. lymph nodes)

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