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xiuwei wax repair and sealing instrument

Product Number:XW-230A

Product Namexiuwei wax repair and sealing instrument

Product Number:XW-230A

Added time:2013-09-13


Color: WRB


Xiuwei 230a wax repairing and sealing instrument
Product uses: 1. one machine and two functions, the wax repair panel is used to repair the excess paraffin around the embedded wax block, making the wax block smoother, thus cutting out high-quality chips;
2. the wax sealing panel can seal the cut wax block so as to isolate the direct erosion of the specimen by organisms.
Main features: 1. super large wax repair panel to speed up work efficiency;
2. the temperature can be adjusted, the temperature difference between north and south in winter is large, and the temperature can be adjusted as needed;
3. digital display of temperature, double temperature adjustment, simple operation, intuitive reading;
4. design of groove on slope of wax repair panel, paraffin wax will flow into wax sealing groove along groove to complete wax sealing of wax block and recover paraffin wax;
5. there are two tweezers holes beside the wax sealing panel, which can heat the tweezers.
Temperature range: 0 - 99 degrees continuously adjustable
Voltage range: 220 v 10 % 58 / 60 Hz
Size: 260 * 180 * 175 mm
Power: 200 w
Weight: 2.8 kg